Gymnastics Energy Men’s Artistic Program

National Program:

Train 15 hours/week. They compete in the Canadian Levels program in preparation for High Performance, youth or open national qualifiers. The goal for these boys is to make National Championships and ultimately compete at Canada Winter Games.

Provincial Stream:

train 12 hours/week. These athletes train optional routines and compete in the Gymnastics Ontario Level system 3-5. They compete in 3 provincial qualifiers leading up to the annual Ontario Provincial Championships. Their goal is to compete well at Championships and travel with the Ontario select team to Eastern Canadian Championships in May.

Junior Provincial:

train 12 hours/week. 8-12 year boys who work on compulsory routines that adheres to the Gymnastics Ontario Development strategy. They compete in levels 1 and 2. From this program they can advance to the provincial or National Stream depending on their progress. They use 3 qualifiers to attempt to make the Provincial Championships.


train 9 hours/week. The athletes at this level range in age from 6-9 years old. They apply themselves to an intense conditioning, flexibility and body positioning regiment. Ideally, these athletes should be candidates for the Canadian Pre-Argo National Stream at 9 years old. Meanwhile they compete in regional invitational competitions performing demonstration routines.

Advanced Inter-club:

train 9 hours/week. These are athletes from 9-13 years old who compete at invitational competitions against clubs from all over the province. They are regulated by inter-club rules which are compulsory in Levels 1 and 2 and optional in 3 or 4. They can expect to compete and participate in all in-house meets culminating in the final club meet- The Energy Cup.

Junior Inter-club:

train 6 hours/week- Two 3 hour practices. Generally, these boys are beginners who have demonstrated a propensity for gymnastics. They are encouraged to develop their skills through fun drills and positive conditioning games. There is a focus on elementary coordination and basic callisthenics. Their coaches prepare them for all Rec. Ribbon Days and follow the Can Gym Program.

Advanced 2 Boys:

3-6 year olds that train 4 hours/week. This group is by invitation only and is reserved for young athletes who exhibit extraordinary talent at a young age. Subsequently, the boys need to be focused and competitive to keep up with the fast progress associated with this program.

Advanced 1 Boys:

For those boys graduating from the Advanced Kindergym program. They have learned how to navigate circuits and have listening and comprehension skills. Their gymnastics repertoire necessitates a 2 hour class to maintain and improve skill development.

Advanced Kindergym Boys:

1 hour/week for little boys aged 3-5 who love gymnastics. We separate them from the general kindergym program to expose them to the men’s events. This class is by invitation only. Please see Rec. Director.