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Parent and Tot Classes

Ages: 18 months – 3 years
Mom or Dad participates along with their little one in this fun, playful class. This program is an introduction to movement, body awareness, coordination and social interaction through a variety of games, activities and circuits on our modified gymnastics equipment. Only one child per adult please. What a great opportunity to spend special time with your toddler!
45 minute class
Requirements: Walking independently

We also have a Parent & Tot drop in class during most sessions. See the current schedule for details on days and times!

Junior and Senior Kindergym

Ages: Junior 3 -4 years
Senior 5 years
Children will receive an introduction to gymnastics through circuits on our modified gymnastics equipment, including the trampoline, mini-rings, low bars and low beams. Classes begin with a group warm up, and each week new skills are introduced through theme based activities. In addition to acquiring basic gymnastics skills, the junior and senior kindergym programs encourage peer interaction, gross motor movement, fun and fitness.
60 minute class
Requirements:Must be toilet trained

We also have a Kindergym drop in class during most sessions. See the current schedule for details on days and times!


Advanced Kindergym 1

Ages: 3 – 5 years
The advanced kindergym 1 class is for young children who may be physically advanced for their age and require a substantial challenge in the gym. In addition to learning basic gymnastic skills, these gymnasts improve their strength, flexibility and coordination through a fun, diverse and structured program. This class serves as a feeder system to our Mini Stars and pre-competitive programs. Children must be evaluated and recommended prior to entry into this class.
2 hour class

Mini Stars

Ages: 4 – 6 years
The advanced kindergym 2 class is a fun, challenging and structured program that builds on the introductory skills that gymnasts have acquired in Advanced Kindergym 1. Gymnasts attend these classes twice a week, for two hours each day. This class serves as a feeder system to our pre-competitive program.
2 hour class, twice a week


Novice Recreational Girls Gymnastics

Ages: 6 – 8 years
Young girls learn elementary gymnastics skills in this fun-filled program! This is a 90 minute class which offers basic instruction on the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor, and trampoline. Girls will receive progress reports at the end of the session.
90 minute class

Junior Recreational Girls Gymnastics

Ages: 9 – 11 years
This class is for girls, ages 9 – 11, who are interested in improving their basic gymnastics skills. Whether a beginner or a returning recreational athlete, these girls will enjoy their time swinging and cartwheeling with us during this exciting 2 hour class. Progress reports will be received at the end of the session.
2 hour class

Senior Recreational Girls Gymnastics

Ages: 12 and up
Girls, ages 12 and up, will learn more advanced skills in this 2 hour class. This senior girls’ program is geared to those gymnasts who want to see how much they can learn in a purely recreational environment. Beginners are welcome, and skills and progress reports will be modified as required. This is a great way to stay fit and have fun!
2 hour class



Rhythmic gymnastics is the discipline that uses ribbons, hoops, balls, ropes and clubs to combine artistry with athleticism. This is a wonderful option for girls that enjoy dance and who possess grace and flexibility.

Kinder Rhythmic

Ages: 4 – 6 years
Young children will be introduced to rhythmic gymnastics in this fun and playful class. They will have the chance to try out the ribbon, the rope, the ball, and the hoop while moving to the beat of music.
60 minute class

Beginner Rhythmic

Ages: 6 years and up
Beginner rhythmic skills are introduced in this gymnastics program. Children enjoy learning proper technique, combined with dance movements, while using the ribbon, the rope, the ball, and the hoop. These gymnasts also work on acro skills and flexibility to enhance their rhythmic routines.
90 minute class


Junior Recreational Boys Gymnastics

Ages: 6 – 8 years
Boys, ages 6 – 8, will be in same-sex classes to learn the basics of gymnastics. This is a 90 minute class that will offer basic instruction on vault, high bar, parallel bars, rings, pommel horse, floor and trampoline. Children will receive progress reports based on level 1 – 4 skills
90 minute class

Senior Recreational Boys Gymnastics

Ages: 9+
This class is for boys, ages 9 and up, who are looking for a more challenging program that emphasizes strength, power, flexibility, fun and fitness. Boys will learn to build on basic gymnastics skills on the men’s apparatus. They will receive progress reports at the end of the session. Beginners are welcome to join this class and the program will be modified as required.
2 hour class


Kinder Bounce

Ages: 3 – 5 years
Little ones will learn the basics of trampoline, including important safety guidelines. They will enjoy bouncing with us in this fun, controlled environment.
60 minute class

Recreational Trampoline

Ages: 6 years and up
Come bounce with us on our twin in-ground trampolines! Girls and boys, ages 6 and up, are invited to join our 60 minute trampoline classes to learn the basics of bounce.
60 minute class

Trampoline and Tumbling

Ages: 7 and up
Boys and girls, ages 7+, may participate in this 60 minute class that emphasizes the foundations of both trampoline and tumbling. This would be a beneficial program for dancers and cheerleaders who wish to learn more acrobatic skills! During this class the trampoline is used as a teaching aid so that athletes are able to acquire more difficult tumbling skills.
60 minute class

Interclub Power Tumbling

Ages: 7 and up
Boys and girls, ages 7 and up, can learn and refine more advanced tumbling skills in this two hour class that runs twice a week. These tumblers work to achieve impressive tumbling passes, and some move on to our competitive tumbling program. Children should be assessed and invited prior to registering for the Interclub tumbling class.
2 hour class, 2 times a week


‘Ninja Warrior’ Class

Ages: 7 years and up

Boys and girls 7 years and up are encouraged to join us for this fun, exciting new class! Kids will attempt obstacles, experience racing challenges and test their strength, agility and coordination. In order to see improvement over the course of the session, they will work on strength and conditioning exercises such as push ups, rope climbing, abdominal crunches and much more! Our goal is to bring fun and fitness together.
60 minute class. Please have running shoes for this class.

Tumbling Tot Drop In

Ages: 12 months – 5 years
Young children may attend this drop in class with their care giver and experience the excitement of bouncing, rolling, and swinging through our new, state of the art gym. Little ones love the freedom they are granted in this unstructured program, and parents enjoy the ease of the schedule. Children may attend for any period of time during this two hour class, and a coach will oversee their safety (along with the parent’s assistance) during this time. A discounted price is available for those wishing to sign up for a series of classes.
2 hour class

Kids Drop In Program

Ages: 7 – 15 years
Children between 7 – 15 years old age may attend this drop in program, explore their abilities, and improve their gymnastics skills under the supervision of a certified coach. As this is not a structured class, the participants will have the freedom to choose the skills they wish to practice, and can determine how often they wish to attend. Purchase of a Gymnastics Ontario fee is required in order to participate in this program. A series of classes may be purchased at a discounted price.
2 hour class

Adult Drop In

Ages: 16 years and up
This is a self-directed drop-in program specifically designed for adults who wish to develop and refresh their gymnastics skills. Adults are welcome to train on the events of their choice, while being overseen by a certified instructor. Come and feel the thrill of flipping and swinging like you did as a kid!
90 minute class

Home School Program

Ages: 6 – 12 years
The home school group is divided into two classes – a boys’ class and a girls’ class. In both of these programs children learn introductory gymnastics skills on all events and build on these skills as they progress. Anyone is welcome to register for these classes – no home school affiliation is required.
60 minute class