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(Photo credit: BP Sports Niagara)

Gymnastics Energy members Ben Tschakovsky and Elliott Speck have qualified to be part of Team Ontario for the Eastern Canadian championships following their performances at the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Ontario Championships in Amherstburg.

Competing in Level 5 age 13-15, Tschakovsky of Grimsby was fifth overall, second on high bar, fourth on floor, fourth on parallel bars, sixth on rings and vault and seventh on pommel horse.

Also competing in Level 5 age 13-15, Speck of St. Catharines was eighth overall, third on floor, fourth on rings, sixth on parallel bars, seventh on vault and eighth on pommel horse and high bar.

Below are other top 10 results from Gymnastics Energy members:


Isaac Speck of St. Catharines (Age 13-17): sixth overall, second on pommel horse; eighth on vault and high bar, ninth on floor; and 10th on parallel bars. Isaac is also an alternate for Eastern Championships.

Carter Pfeffer of Fonthill (Age 10-12): 10th overall, third on pommel horse, fourth on rings and seventh on vault.

Will McNevin of Fonthill (Age 10-12): second on vault, and fifth on floor and parallel bars.

Will Rigby of St. Catharines (Age 10-12): seventh on rings and 10th on floor.


Branko Dzalto of St. Catharines (Age 8-9): third on vault and sixth on pommel horse.


Simeon King of St. Catharines (Age 8): fifth overall, second on pommel horse, fifth on high bar, seventh on vault, ninth on rings and 10th on parallel bars.

Zhane Hedden of St. Catharines (Age 9): ninth on vault.

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