Third WAG provincial qualifier earns Gymnastics Energy 46 Medals

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February 23-25, 21 athletes from Gymnastics Energy’s Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 6-8 team went to Bracebridge to compete in the Muskoka Classic, their third and final provincial qualifier this season. The team made an incredible effort producing a total of 14 gold medals, 22 silver medals and 10 bronze medals.

* Abbey H (Age 12) earned 1st overall with 36.475, also achieving gold on bars & beam, as well as silver on vault.
* Jasmine G (Age 12) earned 2nd overall, also winning gold on vault, silver on bars and bronze on beam and floor.

* Jazmine D. (Age 14) earned 1st overall with 38.225, also earning silver on vault, bars and floor.
* Jia D. (Age 16+) earned 1st overall with 37.950, also achieving three silver medals (bars, beam and floor) and a bronze on vault.
* Emi S (Age 11) earned 1st overall with 37.800, also winning gold in three events (vault, bars and floor) and silver on beam
* Elizabeth B. (Age 14) earned 3rd overall, also achieving gold on floor and silver on beam
* Emilie H. (Age 16+) earned gold on vault and bars
* Charlotte B. (Age 12) earned silver on floor and bronze on vault
* Paige N. (Age 16+) earned silver on vault
* Kali M (Age 13) earned bronze on bars

* Olivia P. (Age 16+) earned 2nd all around with 36.900, also winning silver on vault and floor
* Hannah F. (Age 15) earned 3rd all around with 37.200, also achieving silver in bars, beam and floor.
* Ava T. (Age 15) earned gold on beam and silver on floor
* Brianna C. (Age 12) earned silver on vault and bronze on bars
* Kelsey C. (Age 14) earned bronze on vault and floor
* Chloe M (Age 11) earned silver on bars

The athletes will find out this week who qualified for provincial championships in Windsor! Congratulations on a great season of qualifiers to all of our provincial WAG athletes!

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